New Stock just arrived! Carpe Diem Planner Products

>  22 March 2017



Have you seen the new Carpe Diem planner supplies? OMG! They are so adorable. Simple Stories have released a multitude of Carpe Diem products for EVERYONE!  

Do you like to track your fitness? - Yup, they have a fitness tracker, inserts, matching stickers and bookmarks.

Do you like to plan your household? - Uh huh, they have a Domestic Bliss collection of inserts, dashboards, stickers and bookmarks to make the perfect home planning system and budget.

Do you like to collect your recipes? Oh Yes!! Well, there is even a recipe related collection of stickers and inserts.

How about Faith Journalling? Yes they have also released faith journaling products too!  

This is just too much excitement for a stationery and planner fanatic like me. Here is a video clips of their Domestic Bliss Collection.