February 2017 Washi Club Kit - Unveiled

Debra   >  10 February 2017

This month’s kit was based around the Carpe Diem Posh Quote theme, matching washi tape colours to the wonderful sticker set which is included in your kit. The sticker set was added as a little “extra” in the Washi Club Kit to celebrate the opening of our planner shop. 


Here is a list of items in your kit valued at over $25!!!: 

1 x Carpe Diem Quotes sticker set valued at $6.95

1 x Carpe Diem Posh washi tape set valued at $7.95

1 x Teal and Gold Foil washi tape set valued at $3.50 

1 x Pastel Pink washi tape valued at $2.95

1 x Navy Grid washi tape valued at $2.95

1 x Donuts washi tape valued at $2.95


We are expanding our planner shop but are still working very hard at updating the newest washi tapes on the market. 


We are working on a new website to offer our customers a better shopping experience. Afterpay will be added to the site! YAY! 


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