The American Crafts We R Washi Chomper is here!

>  16 November 2017

In the past I have been known to meticulously cut away at my washi trying to create the perfect banner or flag for my planner or birthday card creation.

It took time.

It took patience.

I wasted a lot of washi in the process. I always seemed to be off centre or cut too far in making an absolute mess. The banners and flags that I drooled over on Instagram and Pinterest were just photos afterall. Creations made by perfectionists was well out of reach for my not so crafty hands. Then came the Washi Chomper by American Crafts.

How the tables have now turned. I can mess the easiest of things up without reading the instructions. After a few goes and some disapointments with the chomper, I decided to watch a youtube video on the We R Washi Chomper. I then slowed down and took my time with figuring it out. It is super simple. Measure up the washi on the little base board incuded with the chomper centering it with the little arrow poking out of the side and chomp the gadget down. Voila, washi flags, banners and arrows are created. Just.Like.That!

Now I get to create those pinterest washi flags and banners. Its a sinch. 

Video & image credit by American Crafts.