July 2016 Washi Club Kit Subscription - Unveiled!

Debra   >  9 July 2016

The theme for the July kit is monochrome. Gold and black is such an elegant mix and is very much on trend at the moment. Featuring items from Kikki K & Lime and Mortar helped the Washi Club Kit ooze with monochrome style this month.

Here is a list of items in your kit:

1 x Amifa skinny polka dot washi tape - $2.75

1 x Amifa skinny striped washi tape - $2.75

1 x Chichi Co gold foil diamod gem washi tape - $4.25

1 x Geometric gold foil washi tape - $3.50

1 x Gorgeous cat washi tape - $3.45

1 x Monochrome gel pen - $2.95

1 x Lime and Mortar monochrome sticker sheet - $3.95

1 x Gold foil Kikki K post card

Themes that have been pencilled in the planner for upcoming Washi Clun Kits are all so much fun and include “Lets Celebrate”, “Garden” “Sweet Pastels” & “Forrest Friends”. An awesome free gift will be added into one of the kits between October and December to spice things up a little - a gift that will make all who misses out disappointed - so don’t miss out!

I hope you enjoy your July Washi Club Kit and all it’s monochrome goodness!