DIY Gift Tags Using Washi Tape.

Debra   >  4 November 2016

Have you ever wondered where to start using washi for the festive season?

A quick and easy craft project can be by making gift tags. All you need is some gift tags (purchase them or cut them out from some blank card), some matching washi and some stickers, stamps or a great pen to draw a design and finally some twine. If you are an avid crafty person, you will more than likely have all of this on hand already. 

For these gift tags I used a black & gold foil polka dot washi tape, a gold foil confetti washi tape and a 5mm gold glitter washi tape to trim with. I placed these at the bottom of the gift tag and trimmed around the edges.

I then placed the stickers on the gift tags. The stickers are ones I bough around a year ago from the Scrap Boutique. From memory they were Mambi stickers. Non the less, they match perfectly.

The gift tags were then finished by tying some black and white twine through the top hole. 

This process took all but around 5 minutes...or less. I felt a little let down since it all came together so quickly. So, whilst I was at it I washi taped my favourite (and very ugly) pens using the Chichi Co gold polka washi tapes. They turned out wonderful, don't you think!