Die Cut Washi Tape In Store Now.

Debra   >  4 October 2015

I have been looking at cute die cut washi tape for a long time now. I have so dearly wanted to add it to my virtual shelves however, I can't seem to get any response from the suppliers in Japan. I lived in Japan on and off for a couple of years 15 years ago, and now I wish I kept up my Japanese to communicate with.

The good news is, I have finally found this. This is a die cut washi tape in a chevron style with the most gorgeous patterns including a GLITTER tape. These washi die cut tapes could be used in a trillion of ways. The first thing that comes to mind is using the gold glitter for a feature on some DIY wedding invitations. And matching it up at the reception for decorating candles etc. I have decided to keep a roll for my self and I am going to decorate my planner with it. It is 22mm so a little bit thick for the daily inserts, but perfect to decorate my dashboard with.

What would you use your zig zag washi for?