Making Gift Tags with Washi Tape

Debra   >  16 December 2013

DIY gift tags made with washi tape. A quick post on using washi tape to make gorgeous gift tags.

These cute little gift tags can be made in no time at all. All you need is a a blank gift tag and a few varieties of washi tape to make some cute little hand made beauties.

I happened to have a Big Shot machine and a tripple tag die which I cut these gift tags from (you dont need to dig deep and purchase the tools of the trade to make these tags, let someone else do the dirty work for you and purchase them from my store - opening soon). I then stamped "thank you" with a cling stamp dipped in some black ink and hey presto, Bob's your uncle!

Make any purchase from and you will receive a complimentry gift tag to say a big Thank You for your purchase!