DIY Washi Tape Wall Mural For Your Kid's Room

Debra   >  15 February 2014

I felt a pang of creativity the other day. I needed to brighten up my daughters room and of course out came the washi tape to quench my creative thirst. I had seen washi tape murals on pinterest before, but i didn't know how EASY it was to do. I know, mine doesn't look very professional, nor does it look like a die cut deco wall sticker, but that just adds to the DIY crafty appeal.


The majority of the tapes used on my wall mural are masté washi tapes. The leaves on the tree are made from MT casa range 50mm tapes (turquoise) and the roof of the house and the grass is from my "no frills" range.


The mural has been up for about a week now and so far so good! No peeling and no residue of adhesive on the wall. The only problem I have is that my little 20 month old daughter keeps pulling off the little flowers on the path side and feeds it to her little rocking horse! Sweet!