DIY Washi Tape Light Switch

Debra   >  14 September 2014

Every time I visit the bathroom I wonder why on earth the builder put a light switch right in the middle of the wall? Couldn't they have hidden it slightly to the side? Maybe placed a small switch at the entrance of the loo? Needless to say it bothers me.

I saw a light switch tutorial on Pinterest the other day and within minutes I pulled out some washi tape and came up with this little chevron design. Ok, it's a little rusty. I could have lined the edges up a little better to give the switch a more seamless look...I have a tendancy to be impatient with my little projects that I am super excited about.

So, in no time at all, my chevron switch was done and my frustration level decreased from a 10 to about a 4 everytime I see that switch. Oh, I feel proud I made it match the distressed wooden frame on the