Classic Frame Washi Tape. The Most Practical Washi of All!

Debra   >  29 August 2014

Have you ever bought a piece of clothing and had it hanging in the wardrobe for months, a year maybe, before you wore it and realised that is your most favorite piece of clothing...and now you wear it ALL THE TIME? Well, this is what I did with this awesome roll of washi tape. Sort of. I have had it laying there, amongst the rest of my collection, and everytime I look at it I feel a little pang of guilt because I opened another washi roll that I don't use and I really should have kept for the virtual shelves.


It took me a wedding and the printing of thank you cards to finally put this tape into action. I just received my thank you cards today and I just HAD to display it somewhere in the house. Lack of frames (and places to hang or sit them) made me think on the inevitable....Washi tape (drool).


Seriously, can you even tell it is washi tape? This little beauty comes in four colours: Pink, Turquoise, Green and Classic Gold. I chose turqouise to match my colours on the card, but I also opened a classsic favorite. What a great idea to an alternative for a frame!


p.s the thank you card is in German (that's where we got hitched ;) )