About Us

Hi! I am Debra,  

I am the owner operator of Washi Lane. I am an obsessed washi tape and planner addict who loves nothing more than scouting the globe for new washi tape designs.

When I opened Washi Lane in 2013, I found it hard to find a variety of washi tape designs in Australia and this led me to create Washi Lane - Australia's leading online washi tape shop.

In 2016, I recognised the need for a greater variety of planner products and was part of a growing planner trend by extending Washi Lane to offer a variety of American Planner goods. 

Washi Lane is operated from an office located in the Hunter region, NSW, Australia. Currently stocking the biggest washi tape brands from Japan and Korea as well as "no branded" tapes and now planner goodies. My biggest aim is for Washi Lane customers to have a personal yet proffessional shopping experience. One that will create smiles when the order of washi tape and planner goods lands on the buyer's door step. 

Washi Lane is an online shop only. No matter where you live, Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane or out the back of Bourke, you will always have access to the latest washi tape and planner designs without leaving your home!

Please don't hesitate to contact me with any questions you may have at info@washilane.com. 

Be sure not to miss out on Washi Lane promotions and deals and follow us on Facebook, Instagram and/or Pinterest. I am very appreciative of any comments or pictures of your washi tape creations that are posted on the Washi Lane Facebook wall.


The definition of washi tape is expanding as the pretty adhesive rolls of paper tape goes global. Many people believe washi tape is simply a tape with a pattern on it. There are an abundance of tapes out there that have patterns on it, such as fabric tape, glitter tape and patterned packing tape that people mistake for washi tape. However, washi tape is non of these, it is made from paper. Washi (??) is typically translated into "Japanese Paper". So put "washi" and "tape" together and there you have it - an adhesive piece of fiberous paper called "washi tape" AKA Masking Tape, Smash Tape, Tissue Tape, Deco Tape... 

Washi tape was founded in 2008 in Japan by company named Kamoi Kakoshi who established their brand MT Masking Tape. Since then numerous suppliers have popped up over Japan, China, USA and well...world wide. 

There are differences between washi tapes made by different producers. Some have different textures, for example a more waxy feel, others have different amounts of adhesive and different quality prints. In my experience, the Japanese stuff is far more superior than those produced in China. The Japanese produced tapes "stick" around much longer. I havent had a problem with any sticky residue with those from Japan. I also find that the tape is a little thicker and patterns are quite vibrant from Japan. The experience I have had with the tapes produced in China is not so bad at all either. They are a fair dinkum washi tape plus they have some very cute designs indeed. I just find that Chinese produced tapes are not always reliable like those from Japan. Inconsistencies I have found in the Chinese tapes are that some are a little thinner or are either a little too sticky or not sticky enough. Others are just right! To the average non-Washi-aholic the differnece is probably barely noticable. I have also received some tapes from China where the patterns were a little pixilated. I actually found some of those in a major retail shop! Tiss Tiss to that shop! If you buy from Washi Lane, you can be confident that any tape you receive is of great quality no matter where they are produced. 

Washi Tape can be used in a variety of different projects. The MT brand advertises on their site that many things are made for a single purpose but MT is made for many purposes. Washi tape can be torn by hand, is easily repositionable, and can be used a few times in many cases. It can be utilised by anyone, adults and kids alike. The major Japanese brands have their tapes certified meeting the requirements of food sanitation laws...Thats right, use it on food packaging! The tape can be used to stick things on your wall, to decorate a vase, to wrap a gift, create a little styled party package (flags on straws, decorate treat bags, cups, utensils etc).....heck, you can even decorate your toothbrush with it (I did). Checkout mypinterest page or my project wall for more ideas on how to use washi tape. 

So there is my little blurb on Washi tape. I hope it has cleared up a few questions you may have had on the awesome little round bundles of adhesive. If not, feel free to contact me.