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      產品展示 Product


      ata Speccification according to production Model

      1. Environment for Using Equipment: Use it under indoor temperature standard of less than 30℃
      2. Environment of Using Cooling Water (Recommendation): IN line (less than 25℃, OUT line (less than 32℃)
      3. SCP-2000 (identical with pfc-1100LT) reduces the costs of electricity as well as of maintenance (the capacity of chiller) by half comparing to the other existing equipments made by different manufacturers. So then it saves annual maintenance costs per unit system at about 3 Million Won. (For the use of replacement with the existing equipments)
      4. SCP-3000 represents a mixed type of heat having applied Polycold (pfc-1100LT, HC) thereto.

      The Speccification of the Product that represnts Samsung Freezer


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