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      About Us





        Aijia Vacuum Technology Co., Ltd., is a focus on large vacuum equipment and cryogenic equipment Polycold ultra high-tech enterprises, is China's only a 7 × 24 around the clock to provide customers with one-stop services, equipment and technology integrated technology provider. Company was established in December 2012, is located in the famous township --- Chang'an Town, the registered capital of 1 million yuan. Love plus vacuum and cryogenic vacuum currently has professional and technical personnel more than 10, of which two industry experts dean level, a number of senior specialists, our team of design, development, manufacture, maintenance and other comprehensive technical strength ahead of peers.

        Aijia Vacuum formerly known mainly for the well-known global provider of technical services of vacuum equipment and peripherals, has been adhering to the "market-oriented, customer-centric, to establish a good customer service philosophy, creating value for customers" business principles, after Long-term test of the market, and gradually accumulated a wealth of resources and a good reputation, is widely regarded as trusted strategic partner for our customers.

        With the escalating market demand, in order to better serve our customers, love plus vacuum has successfully developed into a well-known American brand --- Southern Region Mustang vacuum system sales, installation and after-sales distributor, with sales agents, maintenance INFICON, MKS, AB, VARIAN, LEYBOLD, PFEIFFER, BROOKS (Polycold, CTI), AE, HUTTINGER, EDWARDS, ULVAC, SHINKO SEIKI and other industry brands products.

        Endless pursuit of development no end. Looking to the future, love plus vacuum will continue to provide our clients with first-class products and quality service to customers reflect the value.

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